If your loved one is independent and self-sufficient in their home, but could use some regular check-ups from a licensed practical nurse (LPN), we can help. Collier Home Care is ready to refer to you a professional and caring LPN who can be committed to providing you with superior home health care, from companion care to skilled nursing care, in regularly scheduled visits. During these visits, which you can arrange with the LPN, the LPN could help coordinate care with your primary doctor and offer support and assistance after a hospital or rehab facility discharge.

Home Care Assistance for Independent Seniors

At Collier Health Care, we can facilitate referral solutions for seniors who may not require quite as much help from a caregiver as others. We can refer a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who can provide home care assistance for seniors who are independent and self-sufficient in their own homes but could use regular check-ups from an LPN.

Your loved one can be treated as the capable individual that they are while receiving home care assistance that prioritizes their medical concerns. You can arrange for a referred LPN to make periodic visits that can address your loved one’s medical concerns, assist in coordinating care from their doctor and help to create plans for upcoming procedures, chronic illnesses, professional mental health involvement, and any other health issues that need to be addressed.

Let’s face it: this seems like an arrangement more of us would like to have as part of our lives, to help detangle the web of medical professionals, appointments, medications and more. For seniors in particular, however, that web just multiplies more and more as time progresses. It can take on new dimensions with the development of chronic illnesses and the necessity for surgical procedures. It can be difficult to say that your loved one needs help when it seems like they’re managing just fine. With this type of arrangement, your loved one will be able to continue enjoying their independence while letting a highly-qualified, caring LPN worry about their medical concerns and provide quality companionship.

Dignified, Quality Independent Senior Living

A referred LPN could promote independent senior living in addition to senior wellness and care. Collier Home Care can refer to your loved one a caring, professional LPN who is committed to providing clients with superior home health care. A referred LPN can provide companion care, skilled nursing care, and regularly scheduled visits according to a routine, which you can arrange with the LPN that works well for your loved one, in addition to developing innovative strategies to address their medical needs, from the most pressing to the most ordinary.

Medical care as we age is an often daunting concern, and it’s tough to know when it’s time to ask for help. Trust the LPNs referred by Collier Health Care to provide kind, understanding, and nurturing care to your loved one.

Quality Home Help for Your Beloved Senior

Finding quality home help for seniors who don’t quite fit into one of the usual boxes for companion care may sometimes seem difficult. For many of these seniors, however, they could use assistance with things like calendaring, coordination, and doctor’s appointments. They simply don’t really need as much help around the home. Perhaps they need some assistance in scheduling medication reminders, or they need to have their auxiliary care coordinated with the primary care physician so that everyone is on board with their medications, schedules, and appointments.

This is a type of home help for seniors who may not seem like they really need it, because they so readily take on the rest of their lives and their independence. In terms of home health care, supervised living tends to be more on the lighter side as far as home care visits go. It doesn’t have to be, however, and by working with a skilled LPN, your beloved senior may determine that more regular visits would work better. The flexibility of this type of arrangement is one of its hallmarks: the scheduling of visits and the amount of involvement are often left very much in the capable hands of the independent senior. When obtaining LPN referrals from Collier Home Care, the frequency of visits and the amount of work that the LPN takes on is always at the direction of the senior and their family.

As time goes on, as you increase the visits and the scope of the LPN’s work, the arrangement may start to look more like ordinary companion care, and that’s often to be expected. In such a case, Collier Home Care is here to consult with you and refer to you the companion caregivers you request as time progresses.

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