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DIY (Do It Yourself) Holiday Crafts

December 11, 2020

“Three phrases that sum up the holidays are:

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men, and Batteries not Included.”

– Unknown

Although this year has been a difficult one, it’s best to turn any negative energy you have into creating something fun and unique! Here are some fun ways to make your home look stylish for the season without breaking the bank!

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Napkin Rings

Want a unique way to spruce up your dining room table for the holidays? Attach a loop of red and white baker’s twine to the base of a vintage tree bulb and tie them around your napkins. You can also use bells or a small ornament for an even more festive look!

Holiday Saltshakers

Although you may not get to see snow in person this year, you can create your own winter wonderland at home! Purchase a package of small faux evergreen trees from your local convenience store and drop them into an unused saltshaker with some fresh table salt.

Painted Pinecones

Whether you find your material on the ground or at your nearby craft store, painted pinecones are a creative way to show off your holiday spirit. You can choose your holiday color palette, or you can even paint them to make it seem like they have been touched by fresh snowfall. Then proudly display your creations by placing them around your home individually or grouping them together in a stylish bowl to place on your coffee table.

Mitten Garland

Mittens are just like socks; they go into the dryer as a pair, but one always seems to go missing when the dryer cycle has finished. Don’t let those single mittens go to waste! String a piece of yarn across a door frame in your home and use clothes hangers to clip these mittens on to create a mitten garland.

Advent Calendar

Buying an advent calendar to count down the holiday days can cost a pretty penny. Make your own customized advent calendar without breaking a sweat. Just take a muffin pan and fill it with small trinkets from your dollar store. Then, cut out circles from construction paper, number them and use double sided tape to cover the muffin pan holes. Instant advent calendar!

Gift-Wrapped Presents

Do you want your home to look like it’s full of presents, but not ready to start shopping for the season? Find some old boxes and wrap them with extra gift-wrapping paper. Strategically place them around your home in small bundles. Not only does it look like you have all of your holiday shopping done, but it also adds a fun, festive air to your home!

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BlogDIY (Do It Yourself) Holiday Crafts