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National Nutrition Month: The Importance Of Healthy Eating

March 13, 2020

Happy National Nutrition Month!

Created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, National Nutrition Month is a time to celebrate healthy eating! It’s also an opportunity to take a look at what we’re consuming and making smart changes for better health.

Why It’s Important To Eat Healthy

Food is supposed to provide you with energy! In addition, it supplies the nutrients that your cells need to function their best. Every system of your body is composed of cells, from your blood to your muscles, and from your internal organs to your skin. In order for them to function at their peak, you need to eat healthy foods so that every individual cell is the healthiest it can be! Feed your body nutrition, and it will respond favorably and serve you well.

Are You Eating Plenty Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your body needs to work properly. For example, vitamin A helps maintain healthy teeth and skin. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and promotes wound healing. Antioxidants prevent damage to cells. Zinc reduces inflammation, iron helps regulate body temperature, and copper helps maintain nerve cells. These nutrients are found aplenty in fresh produce!

Check Your Portions

Some people make the mistake of overeating. This can contribute to a wide range of problems associated with being overweight, including digestive problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Check your portions and make sure that you’re neither undereating nor overeating, but eating just right!

Healthy Foods Are Colorful!

Take a look at the produce section of your grocery store. You’ll see all kinds of wonderful colors! Bright orange melons and tangerines, yellow bananas and squash, rich green leafy vegetables and zucchinis, purple eggplants, bright red strawberries and raspberries … these colors draw us in, and having a variety of colorful foods on your plate means getting the wide range of nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

How A Home Care Aide Can Help

For older and disabled individuals, eating healthy can become a challenge. There’s the chore of doing groceries, which can become a difficult one for a number of reasons. First, it takes a great deal of energy to go grocery shopping and deal with crowds at the store. Second, getting there can be an issue if the individual does not drive. Then there’s the matter of preparing meals with the ingredients purchased at the store. This also takes time, effort, energy, and skills that may not be as prevalent as they once were.

In these cases, having a home care aide can be a lifesaver. The personal care or companion aide can get groceries, prepare meals, wash dishes, and much more, enabling the individual to continue to eat a balanced, nutritious diet every day.

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BlogNational Nutrition Month: The Importance Of Healthy Eating