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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

December 18, 2020

“One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things”

– John Burroughs

As the end of our year is fast approaching, many people take this time to decide how they would like to present their best self in the new year. They do so by declaring their New Year’s Resolutions, a declaration of their unwavering promise to change what they perceive as a flaw.

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Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Resolutions Throughout The Years, And Some Tips On How You Can Achieve These Goals.

Lose Weight/ Eat Healthier

With all of the extraneous holiday cooking, many people may feel that they have put on a few pounds. In the start of the new year, it is not uncommon for a main goal to be either begin to lose weight by exercising or attempting to eat healthier. To reach this goal, try starting slow by searching up a beginner’s workout on YouTube, or by researching an easy healthy recipe.

Learn A New Skill Or Hobby

Maybe your goal for the new year isn’t to change your features, but to broaden your knowledge. An excellent way to do so is by learning a new skill that will benefit you, such as sewing. Instead of tossing out your old pair of jeans because they have a tear, you will now be able to save your money by patching them! Gardening is also a wonderful hobby, as you will now have the option to use home grown herbs in your new healthy recipes instead of lugging yourself to the store to purchase those herbs.

Save More Money / Spend Less Money

On the topic of spending money, some hope to build their savings in the new year with the promise that they will end the new year with more money than they started out with. A great way to do so is by budgeting. You may want to sit down and plan out your year’s expenses to have an idea of what will need to be spent versus what can be stored into your savings. If using technology is more your strong suit, there are plenty of budgeting apps to allow you to keep track of your expenses on a daily basis.

Get Organized

While you are getting organized financially, another popular goal is to organize your home. It’s easy to accumulate objects throughout the year, and harder to go through them and decide what to let go and what to keep. Start by throwing everything into a pile and sorting these objects by what is necessary and what is not. Then, sort your non-necessary pile into a subcategory of what can be kept and what can be either donated or thrown away. You will be surprised of how many things you will get rid of!

Manage Stress Better

Although it is impossible to eliminate stress completely from your life, it is possible to learn to better deal with the stress that comes. A popular method of controlling stress is by squeezing a stress ball. Another way that some deal with stress is by adopting a technique to control their breathing. Make sure to put research into different ways of managing stress and put thought into what plan might work best for you.

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