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Deciding Between Home Health Care Or A Nursing Home

December 31, 2022

When the health of a loved one is on the fine line between being able to stay at home and needing to go to a nursing home facility, it causes an incredible amount of pain and heartache for the family. Of course, everyone wants a senior loved one to be able to stay at home, but when medical assistance is required at home, there are several factors to consider before a decision can be made that is best for everyone.

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At Collier Home Care, we are passionate about providing exceptional, compassionate home health care for seniors throughout the Naples, Florida area. We understand that making these decisions is beyond difficult, but we can be there to offer guidance and home care from skilled nursing professionals if you decide for your loved one to remain at home.

What To Consider When Deciding Between At-Home Care And A Nursing Home

The Needs Of Your Loved One

  • The first and most important thing to consider is what your elderly loved one needs.
  • What are they capable of doing themselves?
  • What type of care do they need?
  • Where will they best be able to get the level of care they need?

What medical condition your loved one has is a significant factor. For seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, who have had a stroke, or are struggling with Parkinson’s disease, it may be difficult for a spouse or adult child to provide them with the proper care and attention they need. They may be better cared for, in this case, at a nursing home.

If your loved one is able to move around on their own, doesn’t require specialized care, but still requires some medical assistance, that may be enough to warrant them staying at home and hiring a home health agency for regularly scheduled home care or live-in home care if finances allow for it.

The Needs Of The Family

Unless families are able to hire a full-time home health care provider, it often puts some responsibility on the spouse or adult children.

  • Are children located in the area?
  • Do children or does the spouse have the knowledge to provide proper care?
  • Do they have the time to provide care?
  • Does the spouse have emotional support or are they able to take care of themselves as well as their loved one?

Even when the family is able to provide help so that a loved one can remain at home, the questions above can offer some insight into whether or not that’s the right decision for their loved one. Providing certain types of medical care requires specialized training, can take a significant amount of time, and can cause a lot of anguish and stress especially for the family.


The cost of at-home care and nursing home care is one of the biggest factors in this decision. Both options can be quite expensive if there insurance or Medicaid aren’t available. An at-home care agency is often the less expensive option, but this will depend significantly on the type of services provided and the amount of time the provider is at the home. If a family doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, there are options available that can make it possible, but that process will require the services of an estate attorney.

Partner With Collier Home Care In Naples, Florida

If you’re considering your options and would like to talk with our team about the home healthcare services we provide and if they are financially feasible for you, please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation. We strive to provide expert care and affordable services to ensure your loved one can remain safely at home if that’s what you decide.

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