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Everyone Will Enjoy The Holidays With These At Home Care Tips

December 15, 2022

The holidays can make some senior citizens feel isolated and lonely. An effective at home care team– including primary familial and professional caregivers– can really bring back the magic for any senior battling the holiday blues. Here we’ll discuss how at home care can make a difference in the lives of seniors, especially in making everything merry and bright.


Companion Care Services can bring a new dimension of holiday cheer to delight senior citizens in their own homes– while providing relief to familial caregivers. Working with a professional caregiver means that seniors have an extra helping hand with putting up (and taking down) decorations, holiday activities, and finding joy throughout the season. During a time that can sometimes feel stressful and tumultuous, caregivers can help to keep senior clients engaged and fulfilled.

While the holidays can be a time when seniors feel isolated and alone, there are plenty of healthy activities a caregiver can assist with to create a festive, glowing atmosphere. Professional caregivers can make a considerable difference in the lives of their clients during the holiday season.


Caregivers can help seniors with a variety of traditions, meals, gift giving, and more. A caregiver team is often a mix of family, friends and professionals. Here are some of our top tips to help make the most of the holiday season for seniors:

  • Prioritize Self-Care: Make sure your senior is getting plenty of high-quality sleep, focus on moving, such as walking through a decorated shopping mall or dancing to holiday music, and enjoy the holiday goodies without having too much, in order to avoid a sugar crash later on.
  • Connect With Other Caregivers: Keep in touch with your network of caregivers to swap tips and tricks, and don’t forget about groups available on social media.
  • Find What is Most Meaningful: Help your senior get the most out of the season by finding ways to create meaning and joy. Try to focus on the fewest number of things needed to evoke good holiday feelings and create good memories.
  • Pare Down the Activities: Choose a few decorations instead of all of them, and make sure they are the most meaningful ones. Attend the most important religious services instead of going to all of them. Send cards to just a few key people this year.
  • Start New Traditions: If traveling to or hosting a family visit isn’t possible, discuss some new possibilities with them. Have a video chat with family, watch old home movies and enjoy the memories, or drive around looking at holiday lights in their neighborhood and others.

Plenty of other great ideas work, too:

  • Play their favorite holiday music and serve traditional holiday foods.
  • Prepare for distractions beforehand, so you can divert their attention as needed to reduce stress or feelings of being overwhelmed.
  • Talk about and show pictures of anyone who is coming to visit, or you are visiting. This can be especially helpful for clients with Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • Assemble a holiday photo album with old holiday photos – and new ones, too.


The importance of Companion Care cannot be stressed enough during the holidays. For the senior(s) in your life, seeing a familiar face and watching you (or helping you) put up decorations makes new holiday memories to cherish. Companion Care ensures that seniors have the highest standard of care throughout the season, and can bring in the holidays with thoughtful, personalized ideas to ensure their beloved clients have their best holiday season yet!

Collier Home Care would be happy to match you with a professional caregiver. If you need assistance or have any questions about Companion Care Services in the greater Naples area, please contact us. Happy Holidays!

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BlogEveryone Will Enjoy The Holidays With These At Home Care Tips