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Feng Shui – Improving Your Mood And Your Space

December 24, 2020

“My view on feng shui: don’t put your bed in front of the door because you won’t get in.”

― Jonas Eriksson

Happy New Year! In 2021, you want to make sure that you are starting off fresh and positive. Why not reflect that mindset by changing up your space? Feng Shui dates back to ancient China and is defined as the art of Chinese geomancy. The goal is to arrange the objects in your home or office to allow the positive and creative energy in your office to flow more freely.

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Why Not Try The Following Tips To Change Up Your Space

Clean Your Space

This seems like an obvious statement, but it is important as you cannot make any new changes to your space without making sure that it has been dusted and disinfected. You may even feel refreshed already just by putting some work into cleaning! A study by The Clorox Company revealed that simply by being in a clean space, 80 percent of people were more relaxed; 60 percent were less stressed, and 72 percent were more productive.

Remove Obstacles

You may venture outside of your home every morning and trip on a pavestone that may stick up on your driveway. Or perhaps every day on your way to make your morning coffee you bump into the coffee table. This may be something you deal with daily but can quickly turn your positive energy for the day sour and is an easy fix! Cover that raised pavestone with an outside fixture like a statue or move your coffee table an inch to prevent knocking into it. Whatever the solution, completing small tasks like this can improve your mood exponentially!

Add Greenery

Plants embody life energy, so it can be helpful to add plants to your home to draw from that energy. Having the plants in your home can also help you create a routine with your ability to pick a time during the day to consistently water and tend to your plants. If you are unable to devote the time and attention to your plants, try filling your home with faux plants. You can still have the fresh feel of greenery, without dedicating the extra time and attention!

Get Organized

What do many people say to you when you get upset? Get some fresh air! Stale air in your home or office can be detrimental to your positive energy. Try to bring in cool, fresh air by opening your windows from time to time. Having plants in your home can also purify your air naturally.

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BlogFeng Shui – Improving Your Mood And Your Space