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How To Talk With Parents About Home Care Options

December 29, 2022

Catch Them When They’re In A Positive Mood!

It’s human nature: Everyone is more receptive to talking when they’re in a good mood. Instead of trying to talk with your elderly parents about home care options when they are tired, worried, or experiencing symptoms of physical or emotional pain, wait until they are feeling better. You know when your parents are in a good mood; wait until this opportune moment, and then bring up the subject.

Keep The Conversation Casual And The Tone Light

When you do bring up the topic of having home care assistance, do so in the most positive manner possible. Don’t approach it with a heavy heart; bring it up in a casual manner, and give your parent time to process the information before you provide more details. It takes people time to get used to a new idea, and older people often need more time to warm up to a new concept, especially one that involves change.

If you notice that your parents are starting to feel overwhelmed, change the subject to something else that will boost their spirits. Wait until another time to bring it up again. It’s okay if it takes several tries on your part until they’re open to the idea of a personal care assistant offering valuable help in the comfort of their own home.

Present The Benefits

Is your parent struggling to get dressed in the morning? Could they use assistance with grooming or bathing? Have they complained to you about how hard it is to do certain tasks? When they do bring up how difficult certain things have become, you can gently offer up the option of a home care aide providing extra help to make these tasks easier to handle. Go ahead and mention all the benefits they’d enjoy with some extra help around the house.

Focus On The Positives Of Remaining At Home

Your parent may complain about having someone else in their home with them. Be a gracious listener, and acknowledge their reservations, but don’t back down! Instead, offer up positives. For example, your parent may not feel as tired or frustrated if someone was there to help with dressing, meal preparation, and light housekeeping, for example. Always go back to the positives no matter how many concerns your loved one may raise. Ultimately, their mindset will change, and they may even feel excited and enthusiastic about the prospect of home care assistance to help with their everyday needs.

Assure Your Elderly Parents That You Love Them

Perhaps your parents think you’re abandoning them; assure them you are not! Let them know that you love them unconditionally, and that this is a way that everyone will feel better knowing that their needs will be taken care of. Assure them you are coming from a place of love!

For More Information, Contact Collier Home Care

Would you like more information about talking with your parents about home care assistance? We can help! Contact us, and one of our experienced staff members will provide the help you’re looking for. Reach out to us today.

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