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Thoughts About Retirement Challenges For Seniors

February 27, 2023

Almost all of us believe that retirement is the best time of life. You’ve worked hard for many years– and now comes the reward. Hopefully you have more money, free time, relatively good health and have fulfilled all (or most) of your familial and other responsibilities. Kick back and enjoy!

Some Of Us Take To This Like A “Duck To Water”. To Those Lucky People, One Can Only Say – ENJOY! Others, However, Really Have To Work On The “How”:

  • How to create a new identity for yourself now that you don’t have a work routine
  • How to establish new relationships, or reactivate old ones, find friends, now that contact with many office buddies has lapsed
  • How to find fulfillment and that “sense of purpose”, which can be so important to one’s ego
  • How to find a balance between relaxation and stimulation after a demanding, and often, stressful career

Some retirees have been high-level executives whose opinion or decision was constantly sought after. Many were workers who were greatly appreciated in their organization. Others were small business owners who miss the continual challenges that they never seemed to escape. Others are parents or grandparents who were so important to their children or grandchildren in earlier years. Sometimes it is hard to realize that you still are important even when your kids or grandkids have grown up and don’t need your hands-on support as before. We should all consider that a sign of achievement; job well-done! Still, sometimes— despite a lifetime of success and achievement— it feels like there is a hole that needs to be filled!

So, How Does One Prepare For This New Phase Of Life?

We’ve mentioned in previous Collier Home Care blogs some “nuts and bolts” issues like where you will live, whether you should downsize your housing, and if you have adequate health insurance. Options for transitioning from an active work life into (a fulfilling!) retirement has also been discussed.

Many don’t give enough thought to what is really important to us. A friend dreamed about warm weather and beaches a few years back. He sold his house in Washington D.C., bought his special place in Florida, and expected all would be well. What he forgot was his outgoing personality, his need for friendships and, most of all, shared experiences. After a few years, he sold his Florida house, moved back to D.C. and is now a very happy retiree amidst his large network of long-term friends. We all have our priorities and personal needs!

If you overcome the financial challenges of retirement, find opportunities to stay active and engaged with interests, hobbies, and activities, we often find that helping others (whether through volunteering or just assisting family with their life issues) can be an especially rewarding activity. Staying in contact with family, friends, and looking for chances to expand your social environment, you can create an attractive retirement lifestyle. I know one person who recently established a pickleball club in his community. Now about 20 neighbors play pickleball three times a week together. There are obviously no easy answers to successfully transition into retirement, and here is my sage advice— try to think about what is important to you and plan ahead!

And while you are planning, remember that sooner or later we all begin to slide physically; we all will need help from others to maintain our independence. If you have family close by, with the time to help you out, wonderful! If you are like most of us, you can’t count on that. Some of you may end up as full or part-time residents in the Naples, Florida area. If you do, and are in need of senior home care assistance, consider calling Collier Home Care. Our goal is to provide at-home care services to seniors to meet their physical needs and, but almost more importantly, to assist them to continue living meaningful lives filled with optimism, plans for the future and— above all— the means to maintain their personal independence.

Collier Home Care is ready to assist you or your loved one with senior home care services in the greater Naples area.

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BlogThoughts About Retirement Challenges For Seniors