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What Is The Difference Between A Live-In Caregiver And 24-Hour Care At Home?

January 24, 2023

Determining the type of full-time home care assistance you need for your loved one can seem complicated. If your loved one requires a level of care that exceeds daily assistance, it may be time to start evaluating round-the-clock care programs to see what will work best.


In Florida, distinctions are made between two different types of 24/7 caregivers. Both are realistic alternatives to assisted living facilities because they allow your loved one to remain in their own home, aging in place, while providing relief to familial caregivers. Most seniors prefer to remain at home if at all possible, so 24/7 care at home is an excellent choice. Each live-in home care option has its own unique costs and benefits, and they should be weighed carefully before deciding what is right for your loved one.

The two types of care break down as follows:

Live-In Care.png


While the table above shows the clear differences between each type of care, it can be useful to break it down further.

The live-in care option involves the 24-hour care at home CNA or HHA living in the client’s home, up to four or five days at a time. Typically, two caregivers split the week, while taking turns on weekends and holidays. This type of care is billed at a flat rate per day and includes sleeping and rest breaks. Live-in care can come to about 60-70% of the cost of 24/7 care, so it is the more budget-friendly option.

Live-in caregivers are a good option if you’re looking to minimize the number of caregivers involved in your loved one’s life and routine, and potentially add more quality time. This is appropriate for someone who does not need caregiver service during the night. With their caregiver in the same home, however, they are still close by just in case your loved one needs them.


Twenty-four/seven care offers live-in care options involving more caregivers rotating in shifts. There are usually 2 to 3 consistent caregivers rotating in and out throughout the day. Caregivers for this option are paid hourly. While 24/7 care is generally more costly, it can be a more appropriate option if your loved one requires a caregiver to be alert and orientated at all times or is in a critical care or hospice situation. For example, if your loved one needs assistance with toileting in the middle of the night, 24-hour care is preferable.

Both options offer consistency and continuity. Live in care is an attractive option for someone who sleeps through the night without the need for assistance and is comfortable with someone living in their home. Alternatively, 24-hour care is the preferred option for someone who needs a caregiver to be alert and orientated throughout the night to assist as needed. Navigating this road may seem fraught with complexity, but once you determine what’s best for your loved one, the rest is really just setting up the calendar. At Collier Home Care, our team is here to remove the complications, assist in making these crucial decisions, and pave the way to superior care for your loved one. Our CNAs and HHAs offer the finest caregiving in the greater Naples area.

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BlogWhat Is The Difference Between A Live-In Caregiver And 24-Hour Care At Home?